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Is small business really a net job creator?

Here’s something that I’ve heard a lot over the years: “Most jobs are created by small businesses.” As a founder of a small business, who now represents them in my law practice, I’d like to believe that this is true. When I hear the same thing over and over again, though, I wonder. And then […]

Crowdfunding your startup II – what if Congress does not act?

In my last post, I reviewed the “crowdfunding” legislation that’s before Congress. Since that legislation may be stalled, I’d outline how a company might orchestrate a crowdfunding round in the absence of legislation. For this discussion, a general familiarity with the laws and regulations governing private offerings is helpful. (You can read goodcounsel’s GoodGuide here.) […]

Shouldn’t you have a lawyer who rides his bike to work?

The idea occurred to me recently that if you are the founder of a startup or the president of a small company, you should find a lawyer who rides his bike to work. I’m not sure what triggered this random thought, but as I have considered it, I have come to feel that it has […]

What’s quality work worth to ya’?

I’m not happy if my clients don’t think they’ve received fair value for what they’ve paid. Because my overhead is minimal, I can offer high quality work at a very reasonable cost. So far — happily — no one has complained about my fees. In part, this may be because I set up most of my engagements […]

The ABC’s of raising money through a private offering

In order to take their companies to the next level, many company founders will seek money from individual investors. Before doing this, it’s important to know the basics of the regulatory framework enforced by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Running afoul of the law here can have serious negative consequences. Conversely, knowing what you are […]

Cheaper, easier seed-round documents

There seems to be a lot of discussion among VC’s and lawyers on the coasts about the proper legal vehicle for seed-stage deals (e.g., here, here and here) and ways to streamline the legal documents (and thereby to minimize the legal fees) . As the founder of a legal practice devoted to serving startups at […]