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goodcounsel LLC is a thriving boutique law practice in Chicago, with a strong reputation for serving startups and early-stage private companies with creativity and strong orientation toward value. We offer a broad set of transactional and “general counsel” services for our clients.

We are busy. It is clear that the unique way that we practice law is resonating in the entrepreneurial community, and our satisfied clients are regularly sending new clients and new work our way. It is deeply gratifying.

We are in the market for human talent (not hiring robots — yet) to help us develop our practice and enable us to serve more clients. We are building a “developmental culture” where independent ideas can be brought forward,  discussed, and evaluated on their merits. We share feedback with each other regularly and prioritize making space to learn from one other. This challenges us to grow as individuals and as colleagues and supports our drive to innovate the same way that our entrepreneurial clients do.

If you are the kind of person who needs to plug into a fixed, clearly defined routine, this is probably not the right opportunity for you. We are looking for people who thrive on the challenge of figuring out what the best process is, getting others on board with it, implementing it, and then continuously improving it.

We are open to full or part-time work and/or to remote or telecommuting arrangements. Compensation will be initially in accordance with the market and your qualifications, but we always look forward to sharing the gains from our success with the people who contribute to it.

We are a busy practice, but also a flexible, friendly, and creative one. There is significant opportunity here for the right person to flourish professionally and stretch their current capabilities. If you are looking for a change from a typical law firm environment, this might well be someplace for you to explore. Drop us a note. We would love to talk to you, and we are excited about what you can bring. 

goodcounsel encourages people from underrepresented groups to apply.

Experienced junior or mid-level attorney job opportunity

Are you interested in alternative law practice models? goodcounsel is looking to hire lawyers who have the skills that our clients need today, and the mindset to build the legal practice of tomorrow.

You have an interest in practicing law in a way that makes sense to you: being judged by the quality of your work, not the hours it took you to produce it; drafting documents that are straightforward, concise, and free of anachronistic and pompous language; and innovating with technology and repeatable process in order to streamline the production of work product, creating more time for working directly with clients.

If you are a junior or mid-level lawyer at a traditional law firm who has some experience in transactional and/or commercial contract matters, and are looking for a practice that both represents entrepreneurs and IS entrepreneurial, please get in touch with us.

Download complete “Experienced junior or mid-level attorney” job description and application instructions >>>

Legal support staff job opportunity

We want to grow our technology-enabled practice with the assistance of strong, innovative non-lawyer personnel. We are open to potential contributions from people coming from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of talents: paralegals, project managers, and legal technology experts. We aspire to streamline our service delivery in ways that, though common in business overall, are less often seen in law firms.

Interested persons will likely have the ability to do some of the following:

    • Interact with state Secretary of State offices and registered agent companies on entity and transaction-related matters;
    • Review commercial contracts such as MSA/SOWs, SaaS Agreements, Vendor Agreements and the like.
    • Support the investment transaction process.
    • Generate first drafts of documents using standard forms (such as the NVCA document set) or firm templates.
    • Use and create systems to organize, optimize, and firm work practices and processes.
    • Communicate with clients.
    • Use technology tools innovatively and proficiently. (We rely heavily on technology in our practice. If you are not the type of person who likes to learn new online tools, you will not be comfortable in this environment.)
  • Code templates for document automation, using platforms such as Contract Express.

Download complete “Legal support staff” job description and application instructions >>>

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