goodcounsel® LLC is a law practice of innovators for innovators.SM

goodcounsel serves privately-held ventures of all sizes, from fledgling companies to established, profitable businesses.

In a tradition-bound profession, we stand out by continuously seeking ways to deliver efficient, inventive, technology-enabled legal services for our entrepreneurial clients, including creating governing documents for co-founders, serving as outside counsel for startups that are raising venture capital investment, and providing fractional general counsel / outsourced in-house counsel to support day-to-day company operations and growth.

Because clients value a single point of contact and accountability, goodcounsel serves as the hub of a network of talented subject matter specialists, effectively serving as your outside general counsel.

Technology and low overhead enable goodcounsel to offer rates consdierably lower than those charged by other law firms. A range of service plans is available, suitable for different needs and budgets. These include straight hourly billing, outside general counsel subscription packages (“Counsel-as-a-ServiceSM“), fixed-fee projects, and success-based fees.

Read our blog, where we offer information about startup law and other topics, including posts on non-dilutable shares, common startup issues, 50/50 ownership, pro forma cap tables, and more.

When you are looking for a startup lawyer, seek goodcounsel.

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