If there is one lesson that we draw from our collective decades of representing clients, it is this: the most effective representation occurs when we develop a closely integrated relationship with our client through regular interaction. This enables us to become a trusted advisor and member of the team. We therefore recommend an ongoing services plan called Counsel-as-a-Service (“CaaS”), which promotes precisely this kind of relationship.

CaaS plans are priced to be economical, with costs scaled to the company’s size. Under a CaaS plan, goodcounsel operates as your general counsel — at a fraction of the cost of, and with greater collective experience than, most internal general counsel. Our CaaS plans allow us to grow with the company, building a solid legal relationship for larger endeavors down the road.

Here are some more reasons to consider a CaaS plan with goodcounsel – which all add up to peace of mind:

  • Priority access. Enrolling in a plan maintains your status as a current client of goodcounsel, assuring that you get priority when you need urgent legal assistance.
  • Greater efficiency. Handling similar services across a large base of clients enables us to take advantage of, and pass along, efficiencies of scale.
  • Getting it right the first time. Resources are at a premium, so it is imperative that responsive legal counsel is available to make certain all legal matters are handled correctly from the beginning, to avoid the need for costly “fixes” in the future.
  • Predictable budgeting. The more we can include in your plan, the better your ability to budget legal expenditures.

To learn more about Counsel-as-a-Services, download goodcounsel’s brochure here.