Counsel-as-a-Service is goodcounsel’s ongoing services plan, which provides a wide array of general counsel services to startups.

Why should I consider Counsel-as-a-Service?

It is common to hear from businessowners and executives that they are reluctant to call their lawyer on a routine matter for fear of the bill that will ensue. This is a real problem because if there is one lesson that we draw from our collective decades representing clients, it is this: we most effectively represent our clients when we are in regular communication and up-to-date on all significant aspects of their businesses. This type of close relationship saves clients money by allowing us to assist them with governance/compliance obligations and spot emerging issues before they become large and potentially expensive problems. We invite you to explore the benefits of our general counsel plan, which we call Counsel-as-a-Service (“CaaS”). CaaS is a means to achieve a relationship in which your attorney becomes a valued advisor and trusted member of the team – without breaking the bank.

How does CaaS work?

CaaS offers a comprehensive set of services on a monthly subscription basis. This means that CaaS clients do not worry about being billed for each and every phone call or email. CaaS plans are priced to be economical, with fees scaled to the company’s size.

WithCaaS, goodcounsel operates as your general counsel — at a fraction of the cost of and with greater collective experience than the type of in-house counsel that an early-stage company could secure on its own. Our CaaS plan grows with your company, building a strong foundation for larger endeavors down the road.

Most of all, CaaS provides for frequent touchpoints between you and your counsel. Beyond a regularly scheduled monthly planning meeting, it includes communications as needed to ensure that you feel comfortable with the legal issues arising in your business.

CaaS addresses the most common areas of law that affect startups and small companies. A typical CaaS engagement includes:

  • access to a library of standard contracts;
  • document automation services;
  • equity management;
  • assistance with governing documents and entity maintenance;
  • assistance with employment matters;
  • guidance on board and equityholder meetings and actions;
  • review and upkeep of your company’s online terms of use and privacy policy; and
  • a monthly check-in phone call.

How is CaaS different from fractional general counsel?

“Fractional general counsel” is akin to lawyer timeshare:, several clients may share the services of a lawyer over the course of each week. This may be helpful, but as with standard hourly billing, you are just paying for a lawyer’s time, not for any particular set of services. We believe that clients are less interested in the lawyer’s time and more interested in what a lawyer can deliver for them.

With CaaS, the client receives an array of services, regardless of the time it takes for goodcounsel to deliver those services. Being a CaaS client means that goodcounsel is your outsourced in-house counsel, taking care of your legal affairs so you can focus your time on what you need to do.

What are the advantages of a CaaS plan?

Here are some more reasons to consider a CaaS plan with goodcounsel – all of which add up to peace of mind:

  • Priority access. Enrolling in a CaaS plan secures your status as a client of goodcounsel, ensuring that you get priority attention when legal needs arise.
  • Greater efficiency. Handling similar services across a large base of clients enables us to take advantage of, and pass along, efficiencies of scale.
  • Getting it right the first time. Resources are at a premium, so it is imperative that qualified and responsive legal counsel is available to make sure that legal matters are handled correctly from the beginning, to avoid the need for costly “fixes” in the future.
  • Predictable budgeting. A fixed monthly fee allows you to better budget legal expenditures.

To learn more about Counsel-as-a-Service, download goodcounsel’s brochure here.

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