Your startup is your baby. Protect it.

We understand, cash is precious. You want to spend it on growing your business, not on legal fees. You can try do-it-yourself legal websites, but it takes time to figure everything out, and mistakes now can cost you dearly down the road.

What if you could find a startup-savvy business lawyer who operates cost effectively?

This is where goodcounsel comes in. We understand startups. Our principal previously founded and worked in several early-stage companies. A lot of lawyers talk the startup talk, but how many have actually run one? We understand the business and legal issues, and beyond that, we know the local players and can help guide you in your journey.

Here is the good news: there are really just a few key bases that you have to cover from the outset. Our mission is to help you cover them for a reasonable price, one that we will commit to in advance on a flat-fee basis. (It’s the way services are delivered today. Why should lawyers be any different?)

Also, because startups are not just about the start but equally about the up, goodcounsel offers Counsel-as-a-ServiceSM (CaaS) plans. CaaS answers the question, how do you get the expertise and availability of an in-house counsel to support your company as it grows, at a price you can afford? CaaS is a monthly legal subscription that scales with your company. It includes company legal compliance and administration, ad-hoc advice as needed, a library of basic agreement templates, a regularly scheduled planning call to discuss both pressing legal concerns and future needs, and more. Read more about our CaaS plan here.

Click here to download our summary of services or contact us. Also take a look at our goodcounsel GoodGuides: