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SXSW – Recap

SXSW lived up to my expectations. Sure, it took time to figure out the best strategies for getting around the convention venues, for getting in to the most interesting sessions, and most of all, for avoiding lines (it felt like the former Soviet Union at times). But I learned a great deal about trends in […]

SXSW March 13 – Teen chefs, quantum particles, airborne transit, and wasted food

How can you go to SXSW and not attend some films (or what people outside of film festivals call “movies”)? Chef Flynn After visiting WeWork Austin to catch up on client work, I headed over to the Stateside Theatre on Austin’s main strip, Congress Avenue, to view Chef Flynn. It’s a wonderful documentary about a […]

SXSW March 11 – Optimistic professors, disruptive mayors, and $330,000 hamburgers

Enlightenment now In “Enlightenment Now,” a presentation packed with graphs showing data from the Middle Ages to the present day, Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker persuasively argued that the world is doing better than ever before by every important measure: decreases in disease, poverty, pollution, inequality, infant mortality, war and wartime fatalities, authoritarianism; and increases […]

goodcounsel @SXSW

If you don’t know what SXSW stands for, don’t worry. (I wouldn’t have known a few years ago either.) SXSW – South by Southwest – started in Austin, Texas in the late 1980s as a small get-together that, to the surprise of its organizers, attracted 700 people in its first year.