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Honoring the sacrifices of D-Day veterans

Today – June 6, 2024 – is the 80th anniversary of D-Day – the Allied landing in Europe to liberate the continent from Hitler and Nazism. Every June 6, I pause to think about those who fought and the many who died on the beaches of Normandy and during the campaign that followed, and I always experience […]

Everyone (in and out of tech) should be listening to Kara Swisher

There’s so much great content being created today. It’s virtually impossible to keep up with the high quality “television” shows being broadcast and streamed. (Still, do yourself a favor and watch Orange is the New Black and Chernobyl at minimum.) It’s pretty much the same with podcasts. Fortunately, I have a reasonable amount of commuting, […]

Can WeWork survive? Should it?

It’s striking to me how the media hypes certain companies to ridiculous heights with fawning, uncritical coverage, only to join in the feeding frenzy of negativity when the same companies inevitably encounter problems. In that respect, I suppose, the media plays a central role in the tech-era bubbles that we’ve lived through over the past […]