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Can WeWork survive? Should it?

It’s striking to me how the media hypes certain companies to ridiculous heights with fawning, uncritical coverage, only to join in the feeding frenzy of negativity when the same companies inevitably encounter problems. In that respect, I suppose, the media plays a central role in the tech-era bubbles that we’ve lived through over the past […]

Tech veteran Tim O’Reilly criticizes “blitzscaling”

I wanted to share a link to this fantastic article written by veteran technology entrepreneur and thinker Tim O’Reilly on Quartz called “Blitzscaling: The fundamental problem with Silicon Valley’s favorite growth strategy.” The piece insightfully reviews and critiques LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman’s new book of the same name. More than that, it takes the reader […]

The moose, the entrepreneur, and the local news

This morning I stopped in at a local market to pick up a little breakfast snack. As seems to be the case everywhere these days, I found myself face-to-face with a large screen TV at the checkout counter. (Heaven forbid we should not have a screen at us in every restaurant, elevator, and public space.) […]

Registered agent services: DIY or do not try?

The adage, “you have to have money to make money” really hits home when you are reviewing the budget needed to launch a business. Starting a business is expensive, and we understand that many of the entrepreneurs and businesspeople that we represent are trying to “bootstrap it,” especially at the outset of a new venture. Saving money […]

Thoughts on Howard Tullman’s recent Inc. magazine piece

I loved the piece in Inc. entitled “5 Ways to Stop Legal-Fee Madness” by Howard Tullman, a legendary Chicago entrepreneur who recently became the CEO of 1871, one of the premiere startup incubators in the area. I agree with just about everything Howard says. Stop for a moment, go read it, and come back and […]

Need legal representation for your company? (Genesis 37 has something to tell you.)

Lawyer marketing frequently emphasizes — what else? — the importance of hiring lawyers. As someone who has himself stood in the shoes of the cash-conserving entrepreneur, however, I understand the reluctance to use precious startup capital on legal fees. It is possible to significantly overspend on legal services — either by buying too many services […]

Startups and “superhubs”

Max Wessel, writing in the Harvard Business Review blog, looks at technology entrepreneurship across the country and states that “ if you start a technology business somewhere other than the San Francisco Bay area, New York, or Boston” — what Wessel terms the “superhubs” — “you’re stacking the deck against yourself.” What does Wessel mean […]

music and entrepreneurship (or: go see Adrian Holovaty at the Green Mill)

At last month’s Northwestern Entrepreneurship Conference, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason was a featured speaker. Mason, as many now know, was a music major at Northwestern. Peter Barris of NEA (one of Groupon’s major investors), who shared the stage with Mason, noted that musical talent seemed prevalent (in his experience) in technology entrepreneurs. This observation came […]