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Proposed “Regulation Crowdfunding” = disappointment

In an earlier post, I described the major points of the proposed crowdfunding rules issued by the SEC (known as “Regulation Crowdfunding”) pursuant to the JOBS Act. Now, I’d like to offer my reactions. My basic reaction is this: you have got to be kidding me.

What’s in the SEC’s proposed crowdfunding regulations?

At last, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed “Regulation Crowdfunding” (the rules implementing Title III of the JOBS Act). I apologize for my delay in posting about this, but in my defense, the release containing the proposed rules is 585 pages long. (The length alone gives one pause about how workable this regulatory […]

You need to fix your SaaS License Agreement

Okay, I’m being cute with this title. (But not as cute as if I had titled this post “Cover Your Saas.” Sorry, I could not help myself.) Why am I being cute? Because if you are a provider of Software as a Service” (meaning that you provide services over the internet but don’t actually deliver […]