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Thoughts on Howard Tullman’s recent Inc. magazine piece

I loved the piece in Inc. entitled “5 Ways to Stop Legal-Fee Madness” by Howard Tullman, a legendary Chicago entrepreneur who recently became the CEO of 1871, one of the premiere startup incubators in the area. I agree with just about everything Howard says. Stop for a moment, go read it, and come back and […]

A sobering article about the decline of “BigLaw”

Anyone who is interested in the future of the legal profession should read this article from the New Republic. Of course, it’s not news that the legal profession is in a state of crisis to some degree. There is severe overcapacity, clients are spending less and those lawyers who have jobs at the larger firms […]

The paradox of law practice innovation

As those of you who know me know that part of what I enjoy the most about having my own legal practice is finding ways to innovate, including using technology more intelligently in the practice. I like practicing law, but the creative part of me really enjoys playing with new technologies or finding ways to […]

goodcounsel featured in Chicago Lawyer magazine article

Roy Strom, of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, was kind enough to interview me about legal services for entrepreneurial technology companies. The article is now out. Link below. Updated link:  

Silly lawyer habits that can bite you in the $@#!

Take a look at the section below, from a contract a client gave me to review today. What is wrong with this picture? Found it yet? It’s at the end, where the words say “One Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Dollars” and the numerals say “$100,000.” Notice that this is not a small-change mistake. It potentially means […]

Lawyers as deadweight loss, Part II

I know it’s not front-page news that big law firms charge big fees. I should know; I worked at a couple of them. Still, I’ve been out of that world for a long time now, and one forgets. So, without naming any names, here’s a story: A startup client of mine recently secured a significant […]

the ups and downs of risk

I have young children, so I’ve been frequenting playgrounds over the last 8 years or so. I’ve noticed, during this time, that there’s an incredible degree of sameness to them. Something has homogenized our playgrounds. They are almost uniformly boring. One example: I noticed that a staple of the playgrounds of my youth, the see-saw, […]

the company you keep

Among the benefits of leading a small legal practice is that it keeps all of the relationships close and manageable. I know my clients well, and I serve them directly (not via associates, paralegals or other intermediaries). Larger law firms are, well, larger. This means that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people affiliated […]

Lawyers as deadweight loss, Part I

Lawyers, like everyone else working for a business, need to add value. I see so much legal work, however, that adds no value whatsoever. The economics term for it is “deadweight loss.” The client might as well just take out a few  hundred-dollar bills and burn them. This blog post is the first of what […]