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NatalieNunnally | Paralegal

Natalie Nunnally arrived at goodcounsel in 2018 with 12 years experience as a corporate paralegal for law firms large and small, specializing in technology startups. Natalie enjoys her client interactions and watching small companies grow into something bigger – the corporate version of the American Dream. Natalie currently resides in Northern Nevada, after spending most her life in California.

Big Picture

  • Experienced paralegal, formerly of Fenwick & West
  • Santa Clara University
  • Loves: Travel and Photography

Key Metrics

  • Legal superpower: Document Global Positioning System (can trace ‘em in the blink of an eye)
  • Secret passion: All things Disney

A conversation with Natalie

Tell us what you do at goodcounsel.

I make sure everything – such as formation documents, equity plans, agreements, capitalization tables, you name it – gets where it needs to go. With digital signatures, it’s quicker than printing and scanning the old-fashioned way. I also generate first drafts of these documents and track capitalization tables.

Not everyone understands the details involved in realizing a corporate vision – it can be quite a process.

I like the process. I’m detail-oriented in everything I do and I’ve always been interested in drafting various documents: as a kid, when my friends and I created side businesses, I made the order forms; in college I drafted the roommate agreements. I’m organized, I’m precise, and I’m professional, but I also think it’s important to laugh and not be serious all the time, and goodcounsel is a good place for that.

You love to travel. What would your dream trip be?

Anywhere with a beautiful beach! I grew up near the ocean and love beaches. And I love Disneyland!

Disneyland! What is it you love about Disney?

I grew up on Disney, and every time I’m at Disneyland there’s this magical feeling that makes anything in the world that stresses you go away – even if only temporarily.

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