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goodcounsel is busy. It is quite clear that the unique way that we practice law is resonating in the entrepreneurial community, and our satisfied clients are regularly sending new clients and new work our way. It is deeply gratifying.

We are in the market for human talent to help us develop this practice and serve more clients. However, we are going about this very deliberately (which is to say, a bit slowly). We want people who share the values, spirit and approach of this practice. In an organization like this one, nothing is more important than “fit.”

Attorney job opportunities

Contract specialist

goodcounsel is innovating in the area of contract drafting and management. If you are a lawyer with in-house experience handling large-volume contract negotiation, and are looking for ways to build a practice that is more creative and fulfilling, working with a team of entrepreneurial lawyers and legal support staff, please contact us right away (hr “at”

Experienced junior attorney

This job opportunity is for people who are interested in alternative private law practice models. goodcounsel is looking to hire lawyers who have the skills that our clients need today, and the mindset to build the legal practice of tomorrow.

You have an interest in practicing law in a way that makes sense to you: being judged by the quality of your work, not the hours it took you to produce it; drafting documents that are straightforward, concise, and free of anachronistic and pompous language; and innovating with technology and repeatable process in order to streamline the production of work product, creating more time for working directly with clients.

Download complete “Experienced junior attorney” job description 〉〉

We are always interested in receiving resumes from qualified applicants (lawyers or paralegals) interested in project-based or part-time work, particularly those with strong general contract negotiation and drafting skills or meaningful transactional backgrounds. Please contact us here.