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Welcome to the first edition of “goodnews,” goodcounsel’s informal and highly occasional e-mail update. I hope you will find these interesting; I assure you they will be brief.

You have ended up on my mailing list because you are: a client, a friend, a colleague from my past or present, someone who I have encountered personally or professionally and thought would be interested in keeping up with this law practice – or my mother.

we have liftoff

goodcounsel’s first calendar year of practice has been a success, thanks to your support, encouragement, and business. The practice has grown beyond my expectations, and the journey has been fun. I want to express gratitude to my first crop of client companies, whose founders have put their trust in me:, Zaplee, GolfniaInside Out Media, Right at School, Entrepreneurs Unplugg’d, First Stop Health, Integration Point Management, Breakpoint Health, MightyNest, Keeperhub,  Seth Kravitz (founder of Technori, among other good things), and several more who need to remain nameless for now (you know who you are). Thank you.


I hope that you’ll check in with goodthinking!, the goodcounsel blog, where I share perspectives on legal developments and other topics that are particularly germane to entrepreneurs, startups and privately held growth companies. My newest dispatch explores the importance of small businesses to job creation. Recent posts have explored the content of pending crowdfunding legislation (in two parts, here and here), the basics of raising capital via private offerings, and recent changes to the definition of an “accredited investor” – and of course, the reasons you should have a lawyer who rides his bike to work.

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a different kind of law practice

There are a lot of very good law firms in the world. I spent time at a couple of them, practicing with attorneys who produced top-notch legal work. I had something a little bit different in mind when I founded goodcounsel. I wanted to work with companies that were newer and not quite as big, ranging from startups and early-stage companies to those that are several rounds in and growing fast. These companies are often priced out of high-quality legal representation, which is unfortunate, because they need it as much as anyone else. goodcounsel fills this gap by offering top-tier legal services, typically on a fixed-fee basis. Resource-conscious companies get what what they need and know what they’ll pay, whether it is for a specific transaction such as a funding round or for day-to-day legal needs supported by “fractional general counsel” services.

As important as getting a fair price is finding a legal partner who thinks and acts like a member of your management team: not a lawyer who flags the issues that kill the deal, but one who works through the issues and closes the deal. This is where my experience as a company founder in my own right, as well as in-house counsel to several early stage companies, sets this practice apart. I have walked many miles in the shoes of an entrepreneur. I have lived the challenges that they and their companies face. I grasp the business implications of legal decisions. I am practical. I can relate.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future. And thank you for spreading the word to friends, family and acquaintances who need goodcounsel.

Until next time,