Efrat Ron

EfratRon | Practice Manager

As goodcounsel’s practice manager, Efrat Ron ensures systems (including finances, CRM, technology, administration) are ship-shape. As the former back-office operations manager of her family’s real estate business and a former tugboat captain with a passion for order and efficiency, it’s the perfect fit. Efrat also has multiple advanced degrees, is a voracious reader, and does kung fu. Everyone at goodcounsel does what she says.

Big Picture

  • Tames back office so front office can soar
  • Michigan State University, PhD
  • Israeli Navy tugboat captain

Key Metrics

  • Office superpower: Information streams flow at her command
  • Life superpower: Sailing/diving/moving across oceans
  • What makes Efrat smile: kung fu fighting, eating sea urchin, reading Nabokov, algorithms.

A conversation with Efrat

Tell us what you do at goodcounsel:

I create and maintain the systems that keep the firm running smoothly, including accounting, administration, and web design. Wherever there’s a need for a better way of doing things, I figure it out.

You’re versed in everything from accounting (in your family business) to anthropology (you wrote a Ph.D. dissertation on secularism). How do your skills and interests play out in your job?

On the one hand, I’m a storyteller. I love to read, and when I hear a story I can understand exactly what’s going on under the surface. On the other hand, I’m analytical. Once I hear the story, I can see cause and effect, and I want to translate any problem into an algorithm that provides a solution. I’m able to look at what’s going on in goodcounsel’s business and create processes to make us more efficient.

At the age of 19 you were a tugboat captain in the Israeli Navy – any similarities to being a practice manager?

Sure, knowing how to sail, command a crew, and maintain the boat so it doesn’t fall apart, is a lot like running systems and making sure everyone at the firm can do their job well. But here I get to enjoy air conditioning and I don’t get seasick.

And you also do kung fu? You’re scaring me a little.

Here’s the thing: I hate exercising with all my heart. I really don’t like it. I know I need to do it. But every other exercise session would end with me being mad and wanting to hit something. Kung fu was the first time I ended with a smile! Ever since I was a girl I wanted to do martial arts to feel safe and know how to protect myself, but I never got around to it, until we were signing up my kids for camp and I tried out a class with them. And I really liked it! Forget yoga!

Edited by Patty Chang Anker.

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